Colder Than Ice
Colder Than Ice
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Colder Than Ice

This is the story of Ishwar Singh who has just returned from the pillage that he took part in as riots ravage the village during the period of the Partition of the country. He is very triumphant about his participation and he extols his deeds infront of his wife Kalwant Kaur. He then proceeds to satisfy his sexual needs and those of his waiting wife but is unsuccessful. Kalvant Kaur wonders what is wong with her “Ishwar sian” and gets a startling answer.

Language – English (Translated from Urdu by Khalid Hassan)

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Author(s)/Editor(s)/Director(s) – Saadat Hassan Manto

Publisher/Producers – Penguin Publishing Group

Year of Publishing/Release-2009

User – Students, Teachers, Teacher-Educators

Level – Undergraduates and above