Welcome to The Ferdinand Centre

  • Who We Are

    The Ferdinand Centre (TFC) is a non-profit R&D initiative working to create and improve access to 21st century courses and learning materials focussing on education for Social Justice, for India’s students and their educators. The Ferdinand Centre prioritizes the originally European concept of a liberal arts education, the “humanistische Bildung” that sought to develop students’ humanity as well as intellectual capacities, which in our view leads to readiness for civic life, as well as for higher education.
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  • Our Vision

    The Ferdinand Centre works towards sensitizing all learners to issues of inequity and inequality in Indian society, inspiring and enabling them to become self-directed learners, and empowering them to make a positive difference within the communities in which they live, and the contexts in which they work.
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  • Our Goal

    To create, trial and make widely accessible high-quality, contextually relevant courses and materials that prepare students to be independent and life-long learners, able to engage meaningfully and effectively with the 21st Century world.
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  • Our Strategy

    We seek to engage teams of educators and education leaders to kick-start generative and collaborative innovation to improve education practice on the ground, simultaneously triggering communities of learning and practice.
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Recent Work

Including homeless children in an elite school: Arzoo’s Story

A fictionalized case study based on a leading school in New Delhi, of the successful implementation, and the continuing challenges, of India’s EWS policy for the inclusion of underserved and disadvantaged children in private schools in India. By Divya Murali, The Ferdinand Centre for Education for Social Justice, with Contributions from Shashi Mendiratta and Sveta Davé Chakravarty, and data-gathering support from Anjali Choudhary and Alia Farooqui…. more

Engaged Citizenship : Certificate Course for Social Science Teacher Mentors
(Class VI-X)

TFC’s strategies for Professional Development of Teacher Educators is informed by the vision and mission of the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-2017) for universalization of opportunities to attend secondary schooling of adequate quality by promoting professional cadre development in education such that ‘it is not limited to mechanical training of secondary school teachers to help students score high marks in national board exams and to raise school averages with very little focus on developing thinking, application skills, attitudes and values’….. more

Social Sciences Mentor Teacher Workshop II

In continuation of the professional development of a cohort of Social Science Mentor Teachers of the Delhi Administration Schools, The Ferdinand Centre organized a second 4-day workshop in December. Based on the mentors’ and TFC’s analysis of the current educational scenario in which teaching and learning takes place in school classrooms, reflection on existing gaps, and TFC’s visits to zonal workshops for teacher development conducted by the mentor teachers, this second workshop was conceptualized as one step within a longer program of professional development for social science mentor teachers…. more

Engaging With Social Science Curriculum:
Workshop Conversations towards Informed and Sustained Improvement of Classroom Practice

At the invitation of the Office of the Minister of Education, Government of the NCT of Delhi, TFC has initiated a sustained program of professional development with a cohort of mentor teachers of Social Science in Delhi Administration schools (Classes VI-X). A 5-day workshop was designed to unpack the Social Science curriculum and relate it to interdisciplinary understanding of current realities, explore progressive pedagogical approaches and engage with the concept of curriculum in theory and in practice…. more