Expected Outputs


Website Phase 2 Learning Management System Operational April 2017

Curricular Packages:

  1. Understanding Exclusion in India: Modules based on the India Exclusion Report for use by teachers of senior undergraduate and post-graduate students
  2. Self-Development: Readiness for College and Civic Life: Curriculum for Senior Secondary and First-year College Students
  3. Engaged Citizenship: A short course for senior undergraduate students and pre-service teachers to develop capacities for field-based research while consolidating an understanding of engaged, democratic and compassionate citizenship.
  4. Interrogating Gender: Curricular package for adolescent girls in the 45 Rainbow Homes in 7 States, with online support for their teachers

Resource Banks: Communalism and Secularism, Self-development, College Readiness, Caste, Gender, Poverty, Exclusion

Film Annotations: A bank of 50 annotations on films around social justice and ethical issues for use by educators and others.

Future Plans

Activities for 2017-2020


  1. Conduct a multi-state, multi-partner research study to develop a body of knowledge on current issues at school and college levels around Readiness for College and Civic Life;
  2. Conduct ongoing action research to understand how key skills and character strengths of students especially from disadvantaged backgrounds can be built systematically through educational opportunities to prepare them for college, career and civic life;
  3. Conduct ongoing action research to enable teacher educators and teachers to develop a rights-based and inquiry-based approach towards creating a 21st Century learning environment.

Professional Development of In-Service and Pre-Service Educators

  1. Extend existing partnership with Ambedkar University Delhi to:
  1. Refine and extend the Self-Development Course currently led by TFC in the M.A. ECCE program to other Education Department programs;
  2. With AUD faculty, develop and trial short interventions to help students entering college to engage successfully with college requirements, both academic and social-emotional;
  3. Seek partnership with SCERT Delhi to engage teacher educators and teachers in developing rights-based, inquiry-based, technology-enabled curriculum for (a) Readiness for College and Civic life and (b) Social Science for Classes 9 & 10.
  1. Extend partnership with the Rainbow Foundation of India to trial course on Interrogating Gender with RFI’s own resource persons and teacher educators working with RFI’s education programs for street-children in multiple States;
  2. On a web-enabled platform, create a learning community of teacher educators and teachers from partner teacher education institutions and their partner schools to promote dialogue, research, innovation and sharing of best practices around the teaching of college readiness, self-development, citizenship and social justice in their classrooms;
  3. Partner with social science researchers and the faculty of partner institutions to develop need-based and context-specific courses, curricular units, programs and materials, for various levels of school and higher education;
  4. Launch online courses, webinars and other learning opportunities for teacher educators and teachers to customize and facilitate existing curricular packages in College Readiness, Interrogating Gender, Understanding Exclusion, and Engaged Citizenship;
  5. Host expert-led webinars on topics in College Readiness, Self-development, Social Justice, Citizenship;


  1. For the use of public systems of School Education: Develop, trial and package short courses to consolidate and nurture the strengths and skills that are determined to be necessary for College and Life Readiness, to be conducted at Secondary and Senior Secondary levels (see 2 above);
  2. For the use of higher education institutions, package interventions trialed at AUD for entering college students (see 4 above)
  3. Develop a web-enabled Foundation Course on Social Justice for undergraduate students.
  4. Continue to build the library of learning resources around TFC’s core areas, with increased focus on creating high-quality educational materials based on the initiatives of grassroots and research organizations around India;
  5. Continue to build the library of film annotations, to cover at least 100 films by March 2020

Advocacy & Dissemination

  1. Formalize the Education Resource Collaborative (ERC) as a consortium of organizations partnering to promote research and innovation around education for social justice;
  2. Network, facilitate and support communities of learning and practice triggered by the collaborative work of multiple organizations;
  3. Use the ERC web-enabled platform for widely disseminating research and curricular materials as they are generated.