Carol Dweck on Growth Mindsets and Motivation
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Carol Dweck on Growth Mindsets and Motivation

This video focuses on Carol Dweck’s  ground-breaking research  on the new psychology of success, based on the concept of  “growth mindset”. Dweck distinguishes between a “fixed mindset” that considers intelligence as innate and hence a “given” and a “growth mindset” i.e. the belief that intelligence can be increased through effort and hard work. The traditional approach to intelligence, based on a fixed mindset, leads to students being labelled for life. On the other hand, a growth mindset exists in potentiality, focussing on the process of learning and growth rather than results or outcomes.  From her extensive research, Dweck finds that praising a student’s effort rather than intelligence or performance leads students to focus on “improving” rather than “proving” themselves. She suggests that this is particularly important for struggling students and for ensuring equality for all students.  This research has contributed significantly to efforts across the world to ensure college and career readiness in students, especially those at risk.

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