Sveta Dave Chakravarty


Sveta started her career in higher education with a Ph.D. in Germanic Languages and Literatures which she taught at universities in the United States, before discovering her passion for promoting transformative learning for all learners, especially in India.
With many years’ experience in the Indian non-profit sector working with the need-based professional development of teachers, education leaders and administrators in the Delhi Administration school system, and with partner NGOs and foundations, Sveta has a deep respect for the school systems’ educators, who take on seemingly insurmountable challenges day after day, with very little relevant preparation, few resources, and no support. She has an abiding commitment to enabling these educators to rise joyfully to the challenge of preparing every child for the 21st Century.

Sveta was a founding member of the Dil Se Campaign for the non-custodial care and education of street-children in Delhi in 2005 and of the Ferdinand Centre for Education for Social Justice in 2014.

A fan of education innovations for social change in India and around the world, and an enthusiastic user of education technologies, Sveta is a “believer” in the democratizing power of collaborative learning: to transform education outcomes for every individual, every community, education system, and country. E.M. Forster’s phrase “Only connect….” also has special relevance to her life: she lives in Princeton, New Jersey, and “goes to work” every day in New Delhi.

Sveta Dave Chakravarty
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