Overcoming Communal Violence: Bhagalpur Narratives
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Overcoming Communal Violence: Bhagalpur Narratives

A team of Aman Sathis from Bhagalpur, Bihar narrate their experiences of the riots and how Muslims were targeted. They talk about how these riots were different from past riots and were much more vicious in their intent. Heartwrenching in places,
this is important material to be seen to understand the brutality and the effect it continues to have.

Language – Hindi (English sub titles coming soon)

Access Location(s) – Youtube

Author(s)/Editor(s)/Director(s) – Radhika Ganesh

Publisher/Producers – SFD, FCSJE and Aman Biradari

Year of Publishing/Release-2015

User – Students, Teachers, Teacher-Educators

Level – Undergraduates and above