Path to Purpose: Promoting purpose, character and good citizenship in the youth
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Path to Purpose: Promoting purpose, character and good citizenship in the youth

Bill Damon suggests that motivation in students is related to Purpose, where Purpose is a Super-goal, a goal which organizes many other goals, an ultimate concern or goal that is stable and enduring. Arguing that since adolescence is the period when people start to think about these things with great intensity, it is a good time to talk about the kind of life they want to lead. Purpose denotes active intention, and integrates two aspects: aspirations and the willingness to do something about them. He suggests that there are students who have neither, those who have very high activity but no real aspirations, those who have great aspirations, and may for example want to change the world but are not doing anything about it, and then those who have both. Damon suggests that Purpose is not inherent or inherited, it is a developmental phenomenon, and has to be nurtured. Teachers and other adults, then, have a significant role, not in giving students purpose but rather in helping them find theirs, by helping them explore examples of those who live purposeful lives and how they came to that purpose that has determined their path in life.

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