Positive Psychology
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Positive Psychology

This video provides insight into Seligman’s theory of ‘authentic happiness’ as the essence of the field of positive psychology. He suggests that nations should measure “gross national happiness” which, rather than economic growth, determines the quality of life, and that positive emotion, engagement in relationships, and a positive environment should be the markers for development. Seligmann suggests that for a positive human future, we can change public policy via education in school systems, by teaching the skills of well being to teachers and students.

Language – English

Author(s)/Editor(s)/Director(s) – Martin Seligman

Access Location(s)Youtube

Publisher/Producers – Jeremy Paxman, Newsnight

Year of Publishing/Release-2011

User – Students, Teachers, Educators, Parents, School Leaders, Professional Development, Trainers

Level – Undergraduate, Post-Graduate, School, College, Secondary, Senior Secondary, Pre-service, In-service