Spirits of Shah-e-Alam Camp
Spirits of Shah-e-Alam Camp
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Spirits of Shah-e-Alam Camp

This story which was written in June 2002 as a response to the violence in Gujarat is the story of different spirits who come to visit Shah-e-Alam, a dargah that was turned into a refugee camp. The spirits include those of parents who have come to visit their children who are now orphans; they also include the spirit of a child who calls himself the ‘Evidence of Bravery’- the bravery of the people who ripped open his mother’s womb, tore him out and hacked him into two. It is descriptions like these that make the story a powerful and bone chilling narrative of the barbarity of the violence.

Language – English Translated from Hindi by Rakshanda Jalil and TLM

Access Location(s) – The Little Magazine

Author(s)/Editor(s)/Director(s) – Asghar Wajahat

Publisher/Producers – The Little Magazine, ‘Bloodsport’ vol III issue 5 & 6

User – Students, Teachers, Teacher-Educators

Level – Undergraduates and above