Teaching Character – the other half of the picture
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Teaching Character – the other half of the picture

Character Lab Researcher Andrew Sokatch highlights the importance of character strengths (eg courage, optimism, persistence) that are non-cognitive and are critical for success in school and in life. He expresses concern that schools focus solely on test scores which, while important in a child’s education, are not sufficient for self-development.  Schools send students out into the world with only “half and education” because they do not focus sufficiently on social-emotional skills or character strengths.  He suggests that since schools, family and teachers are the primary means of socialization in the formative years of a child, character strengths must be taught in school. Sokatch touches on the concept of “growth mindset”, the idea that intelligence is malleable and urges teachers, parents and schools to adopt the WOOP  “Wish, outcome, obstacle, plan” intervention to focus deliberately on character building.

Language – English

Author(s)/Editor(s)/Director(s) – Andrew Sokatch

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Year of Publishing/Release-2014

User – Students, Teachers, Educators, Parents, School Leaders, Professional Development, Trainers

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