The Final Solution
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The Final Solution

Final Solution chronicles the politics of hate in Gujarat from Feb/March 2002- July 2003. It is made in two parts: Part one, titled ‘Pride and Genocide’ begins by looking at the Gaurav Yatra (Honour Journey) and then goes back to look at the time pre-elections and comes back to the situation post-pogrom. The second part titled ‘Hate Mandate’ is a continuation of the election campaign and shows how ‘Godhra’ is the election issue and how emotions were whipped up to prepare for the violence. This is a very important film with profound insights, enriched by a powerful soundtrack.

Language – Gujarati and Hindi with English subtitles

Access Location(s) – Youtube

Author(s)/Editor(s)/Director(s) – Rakesh Sharma

Publisher/Producers – Rakesh Sharma

Year of Publishing/Release-2004

User – Students Teachers Teacher-Educators

Level – Undergraduates and above