The key to success? Grit
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The key to success? Grit

Angela L Duckworth argues that the marker of student success is not IQ but rather “grit”, the ability to take on and complete arduous tasks through sustained effort.   She suggests that in education we need a motivational perspective: the belief that doing well depends on much more than being quick at learning. Duckworth’s findings are based on research conducted on students in challenging settings to predict who is successful and why, who will advance or grow and who will not. This research shows that in multiple contexts, the predictor of success was not IQ but “character”, defined as Grit,  the  passion, perseverance and stamina to focus on and improve learning outcomes over the long haul.  She suggests to students that they live life as a marathon, testing ideas and intuitions, and learning from their mistakes, in order to grow. In the absence of a scientific understanding of how to build grit or develop a work ethic in students, what helps is a growth mindset, because failure, Duckworth feels, is not a permanent condition.

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