The Past as History (Auschwitz)
The Past as History (Auschwitz)
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The Past as History (Auschwitz)

This moving poem by Ashok Vajpeyi almost has a confessional tone where he slowly opens up and draws parallels with the genocide of Jews in Germany. Saying that he wasn’t there when those violent crimes against humanity were being committed, he nevertheless holds himself accountable for being a silent spectator when his metaphorical neighbours were being taken away.

Language – English

Access Location(s)The Little Magazine

Author(s)/Editor(s)/Director(s) – Ashok Vajpeyi (Translated by Pratik Kanjilal)

Publisher/Producer – The Little Magazine, ‘Bloodsport’, Vol III, Issue 5 & 6

User – Students, Teacher, Teacher-Educators, In-Service teachers, Pre-Service teachers

Level – Undergraduate, Post-graduate